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  Artist's Bios

  Vincent M. Hovley

       Dale Badour

   Michael Schofield



  The historic tale

  of Baja, Tequila,

  and Two Gringos

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 This is a trip thru

 time and space,

 on one of AZ's

 old desert roads.

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Real History - Real People - Real Places

Art of Vincent Hovley







Art of Dale Badour






"Sport Fishing" view            "Jasper's"      


      J. C. Trujillo      World's Oldest Rodeo



"Battery Point Lighthouse"  USCGS Gold Beach   


Seattle, Washington

20 Ft.      Population: 563,374


High: 69  Low: 56 degrees

Art of Vincent Hovley



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"The Crazy Norwegian's"

Original Pastel on "Port Orford News"   view


"Tom Cleator"               "Whiskey Row"


her hands                 Salsipuedes       


 Pool Shootin' Freddie            Tom Cleator   



"St. George Reef Lighthouse"

Original Pastel on the Curry Coastal Pilot

by Hovley view



The perfect beach house.  You know the wind must just whip through this cottage.  view



"Umpqua Lighthouse"

by Hovley  view


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"Heceta Head Lighthouse"


"Agness"                         "Deanna Marie"


Yaquina Bridge                       Baja Sun    

"All roads lead to Cleator, AZ"

For a short tour along a Yavapai county road, click on the above title or here.


   Lone Pine               Pastel              Pastel










"New York Harbor"

 This is a very popular print, it depicts the Brooklyn Bridge, Stanton Island Ferry and the Statue of Liberty on the actual NY Harbor nautical chart.    view



"We Call it Preskit"

The art in this issue of Arizona Highways is by Vincent M. Hovley.  For the whole story and more, click on image or title. Available at "The Worm" book store On historic "Whiskey Row" in Prescott, Arizona


"Blue Bird"


"Durango/Silverton Train"      "Kramer Junction"     






Ship Ashore or Caritas

(Click here for it's history)


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